Campus Horizon

Architecture, Landscape
2018, Competition
About This Project

Architectural Competition for the redesigning of the ETHIAGE area in Larisa (Honorable Mention)

Larisa, Greece


‘Campus Horizon’ proposal describes the ability of the ‘campus’ (plain) to ‘define’ (from Greek origin define- orizo-horizon) the future of the place and its potential rural activity. It aims at creating spatial qualities and sequences that respond to the ‘spirit of the place’ (genius loci) by demonstrating resilience in time, and integration into urban daily life and unity of local community. This sense of ‘ownership’ by the local community is the essential challenge of the proposal. Given this context of ‘ownership’, ‘Campus Horizon’ avoids complex use of form and geometry. It seeks to record and codify familiar spatial assemblies, instead. The familiarity if these lived-in spatial assemblies convey successful qualities of open space and built environment.


The architectural proposal traces and claims its starting points, sources and essentially its morphological and spatial qualities from the variety and the complexity of the spatial condition in the Thessaly region. This includes the very land articulation, the urban connotation, the built elements and shelters, landscape and open spaces.


The proposal re-interprets and highlights this Thessalian place, with full environmental respect and consideration of its local economy, culture and tradition. The creation of various urban green open spaces is proposed. Those are accessible to the public and highlight historic significance and agricultural sector’s future challenges. The proposal further indicates the importance of technology in revitalizing agricultural activity, and its ability to integrate modern urban life.


Area: 217.000 m²


Architects, team leaders:

Anastasios Tellios, Despoina Zavraka, Theodora Rafaela Nani



Panagiota Koulali, Dimitrios Chatzinikolis, Georgios Grigoriadis, Kiriaki Mprougkatzi



Vasileios Aloutsanidis, Argyrios Delithanasis, Ioannis Zacharis, Eva Besmerti, Evangelos Koutsioumpas