Filigree Folds

About This Project

Filigree Folds Installation


The origins for composing the ‘Filigree folds’ installation are placed on the cupola dominating the area inside the space allocated and the interplay with natural light entering from the windows. A delicate, swinging octagonal chain inscribed in the cupola, remnant of an old lighting installation, gives the space a sense of expectation. The projections of these two elements on the ground create the processing canvas of the installation. This canvas is activated by light. Light itself and the choreography of the produced shadows are distinct elements and standard reference within islamic culture.

Depending on the light intensity received, the virtual canvas on the floor is unfolding, therefore entitling window light as the main from generating factor. The termination of this dynamic process to a definite, prismatic form encloses, in its very existence, the totality of the spatial ‘energy’, which is ultimately orientated towards the southeast direction.

The final form is subjected to a second degree of elaboration, that of an educated, precisely articulated ornamentation, which generates additional information in a micro-scale. Four topics are incorporated over the ornamentation of the ‘Filigree folds’: patterns, rosettes, nature and geometry. What is pursued here is the delicate sense of a hand-made piece of art, transcribing tangible, tactile qualities emerging from century old traditions of Islamic art and architecture. This is being conveyed and carefully documented on the project through the detailed perforation of its surfaces, aiming to the creation of a folded contemporary filigree installation.


Design Team

Anastasios Tellios, Kyriaki Goti, Nikolaos Xenos