Gradient Fields

Landscape, Urban Design
2012, Competition
About This Project

Gradient Fields, Redesigning the Balkan Square

The proposal describes a new, unified network of public and green spaces. The main objective is to create a new, public, mixed-use park, improving the surrounding urban landscape and the life of the neighborhood. This network is being developed on a new topography, stretching along the area of intervention. This new topography becomes the dynamic, spatial expression of complex flows and movements of the area and incorporates all uses previously installed.


The functional, environmental, aesthetic and economic parameters are integrated into a single, holistic approach, consolidating complex demands of the area as natural. The ‘Agora’, the ‘Plateia’ and the ‘Koilon’ become the spatial and urban reference organization of the new scheme.

The area of the ‘Agora’ (open-air market, underground parking space, refectory, etc.) is characterized by a set of uses of public interest. The ‘Plateia’ area (football field, convertible stage) becomes evident both as a generic open-air assembly, as well as an area of sports facilities. Finally, the ‘Koilon’ is a green open space with recreational uses (pathways, bike routes, and green spaces) and public functions (playground, environmental education park, flower beds, etc).

Overall, the proposal seeks gentle operations reorganizing the area without heavy urban interventions and extensive solid, non-environmentally friendly surfaces. The new mixed-use park integrates in the greater urban context and associates with the new network of public spaces in ways that encourage the involvement of nearby residents. This makes the use of new park facilities safer and more attractive, enhancing the quality of life and ultimately improving social and economic aspects of the area.


Architects, team leaders:

Anastasios Tellios, Despoina Zavraka



Alexandros Charidis, Thodoris Kyttas