2016, Competition
About This Project
Hyades is a constellation of experiences, physical, material, sensorial and mental. The value of Hyades incorporates knowledge of the urban setting of Suncheon, surrounding natural ecologies, introspective human exploration, local folk expression and cosmic investigation.
The experience in Hyades requires navigating and constant interacting with physical space, cultural environment, self-expression and intuition. It requires a public, common ground and the dynamics of personal itineraries. Art is vitally placed inside as the mediator between earth and sky, ground and stars, body and soul.
In Greek mythology, the Hyades were the daughters of Atlas and half-sisters to the Pleiades. After the death of their brother, Hyas, the weeping sisters were transformed into a cluster of stars that was afterwards associated with rain. (source: Wikipedia)
The project is articulated in six basic experiences:
1. City: Hyades is a constellation of twelve buildings. Size, heights, scale and arrangement are in analogy to the old city of Suncheon.
2. Nature: Natural elements are articulated between built and open space. Three distinct natural carpets are the sources of green elements.
3. Walk: A prominent, floating route from the entrance to the transcendental place of the new yeonja-ru, through the built volumes of the city, smoohtly rising from the city surface moving upwards.
4. Forest: A full constellation of vertical structural elements offer a dual physical reference to both a natural forest and the folk element of ‘sodtae’, the local, wooden, bird ornamented totems.
5. Dome: Art platform is covered by a square shaped canopy, of cosmic origin, the dome, protecting and connecting the whole area to weather elements, sunlight, rainwater and wind.
6. New Yeonja-ru: The iconic end of the floating walk, where promenade meets a hovering platform. Earth, nature and sky, art and divinity are subtly interpreted.
Architects, team leaders:
Anastasios Tellios, Despoina Zavraka
Vasilis Aloutsanidis, Dimitris Chatzinikolis, Marina Dimopoulou, George Grigoriadis, Niki Papacharalampous, Andreas Papastergiou